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Wisdom Behind Fishing Machines: Unveiling Winning Techniques

Fishing machines originated in Japan and gradually gained popularity worldwide. Initially resembling traditional fishing games seen in arcades, where the player with the most caught fish wins, it later evolved into a more thrilling version where players use “bullets” to attack schools of fish. Different fish and cannons correspond to different rewards, making the game more exciting. Notable fishing machine games include “Fishing Master,” the Thousand Cannon Fishing series, Ocean Star, RTG Fishing, and more. While each game has its unique approach, the core principles remain consistent.

Understanding the Basics of Fishing Machines

Similar to slot machines, fishing machines operate on a mechanism called the “house edge,” meaning that if you invest 1000 dollars, the machine will only return 990 dollars, with the remaining 10 dollars representing the casino’s house edge. Fishing machines and slot machines share the common goal of hitting the jackpot by continuously accumulating all players’ chips until reaching the predefined jackpot threshold. Winning money on these machines doesn’t mean winning against the machine itself; rather, it involves winning against other players. The machine (or casino operator) merely plays the role of providing the venue and collecting a “service fee.”

Mastering the Gameplay of Fishing Machines

Any system has its vulnerabilities, and players who understand these details often become the elite. Fishing machines require intelligence, especially in the attacking position near one’s own cannon. When slow-moving fish like lantern fish, devil fish, and turtles appear, calmly adjusting the angle for attack results in a continuous increase in score.

Understanding the Cycles of Fishing Machines

Fishing games generally go through three cycles: “Leisure,” “Eating Points,” and “Spitting Points.” These three states are crucial because they represent the potential outcomes while playing. Due to the design principles, these three states continually alternate, ultimately returning to a situation where the player wins money but is subjected to the “house edge.”

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